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KISSmetrics Library for Android

Sun 01 Feb 2012

Mobile Development

Been developing on mobile lately, and have long been using KISSmetrics as the analytics solution for my development. It has been a pleasant experience so far, particular on iOS. Unfortunately, when it come to android, I couldn’t find any library available which offers rich functionalities like the iOS version. So, I decided to build one.


Kissmetrics-4-Android is the library written specifically for my own development need. It’s available on Github. Feel free to use it, and more important patch whatever bugs you encounter. Hopefully it can offer some help to android dev(s) who are also using KISSmetrics.

  1. Download the repo: git clone git://github.com/80steve/KISSmetrics-4-Android.git
  2. cd KISSmetrics-4-Android
  3. mvn install or mvn package
KISSmetricsAPI kiss = KISSmetricsAPI.sharedAPI(<API KEY>, <Context>);

// Track Event
kiss.recordEvent("Activated", null);

// Track Event with Parameters
HashMap<String, String> properties = new HashMap<String, String>();
properties.put("Item", "Potion");
properties.put("Amount", "10");
kiss.recordEvent("Purchase", properties);