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Simple JQuery Drag N Drop Upload Plugin (jquery-ddio)

Sun 23 Aug 2012

Lately, I was working on building a file uploading feature for one of my web project, which allows users to upload lots of file repeatedly. The usual multipart form method is okay when you are only dealing with 1 - 2 files; it starts to get clumsy and slow when you are uploading more: click the upload button -> select a file -> click ok -> not until you submit the form, the file would be uploaded. What I wanted was a page where user could drop a number of files at once, and they got automatically uploaded in the background with progress shown.


jquery-ddio is a jquery plugin for Drag-n-Drop Upload. With this simple plugin you can easily create an DOM element which is drag-drop-upload enabled.

Required: jQuery http://jquery.com/

// Required jQuery & jquery-ddio
<script src="jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="jquery-ddio.js"></script>

// Normal div element (to be used for drag-n-drop zone)
<div id="uploadDiv" style="width:350px;height:350px;"/>
<script language="javascript">
$(document).ready(function()    {
        maxFileSize: 1, // in MB
        maxFileCount: 5, // how many simultaneous uploads
        paramname: "upload_file", // the file parameter name sent to server
        allowedExtensions: ["image/png", "image/jpg", "image/jpeg", "image/gif"], // file type allowded
        // ===== in case you need csrf =====
        csrfTokenName: "csrf_token", // the csrf token parameter name sent to server
        csrfToken: "abcdef", // the csrf token value
        // ===== in case you need csrf =====
        url: "upload.php", // server url
        dragEnter: function(e) {
            // do sth when drag entered the element
            // e.g. Change element background color
        dragOver: function(e) {
            // do sth when drag is over the element
        dragLeave: function(e) {
            // do sth when drag left the element
            // e.g. Restore element background color
        dropped: function(e) {
            // do sth when file is drop on the element
            // Disable some dom element maybe?
        uploadStarted: function(file) {
            // file begins upload event
            // Some visual effect to indicate file upload begins?
        uploadUpdated: function(file, percent) {
            // file progress event
            // A progress bar maybe?
        uploadFinished: function(file) {
            // file finished upload
            // Maybe a popup or hud to indicate upload done

It was done in a hurry, so there should be bugs, feel free to send in patches.